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Macao Light Rapid Transit Card



    The LRT Card is an electronic prepaid card. Fares will be deducted automatically when passengers exit the gate. There are two types of LRT Card - Adult and Concessionary. Passengers can enjoy concessionary fares using LRT Cards. 

  • Adult LRT Card
    (Available for all persons aged 12 or above)

  • Concessionary LRT Card
    (Available for students)

  • Concessionary LRT Card
    (Available for senior citizens aged 65 or above, and persons with disabilities)

  • LRT Card Purchase Tips:

    1. Passengers are required to select an initial stored value in the LRT Card among multiple available amounts and add value at any time afterwards when needed. 
    2. Except for the first purchase of the Concessionary LRT Card being free of charge, the administrative handling fee and production fee for the purchase of the LRT Card is MOP 30.
    3. Passengers can withdraw the balance of the LRT Card at Customer Service Centres where administrative handling fee of MOP 10 will be charged.
    4. Passengers are not allowed to travel on the LRT with negative balance in the LRT Card.

    Eligibility for Application of Concessionary LRT Card:

    1. The Concessionary LRT Card is only available for the following passengers:
      • Students who study in an educational institution in Macao for one academic year or more or Macao residents who study abroad for a period equivalent to one academic year or above
      • Macao residents who aged 65 or above
      • Disabled holding a valid Disability Assessment Registration Card issued by the Social Welfare Bureau of Macao SAR 
    2. Eligible persons can apply for Concessionary LRT Cards at the Customer Service Centre of LRT stations with original and a copy of his/her valid identification document, student card or Disability Assessment Registration Card.
    3. Applicant is required to submit a valid school attendance certificate issued by such educational institution in case the student card cannot demonstrate any valid dates or cannot certify the study period is equivalent to one academic year or more.
    4. Applicant under 18 of age shall submit his/her own identification document copy together with identification document copy of the parent or guardian. The Terms for the application of LRT Concessionary Card must be signed by the parent or guardian.
    5. The Concessionary LRT Card will be available for collection at designated station five working days from the date of application.
    6. Eligible passenger will have his/her previously purchased Concessionary LRT Card disabled if he/she purchases a new Concessionary LRT Card.
    7. Passengers using Concessionary Single Journey Tickets or Concessionary LRT Cards must always carry with them the corresponding valid proof of entitlement. They are required to present valid proof of entitlement immediately upon the request of LRT staff or supervisory personnel.
    8. Failure to present the relevant materials accordingly will be deemed to have no valid ticket, and will be refused entry to the paid area and use of LRT passenger service, and should pay the corresponding fare of Adult Single Journey Ticket. (For details, please refer to the Conditions of Issue of Tickets of Macao Light Rapid Transit)


    Using LRT Card:

    1. Passengers can tap the LRT Card on the ”Entry Gate Processor” to enter the gate when hearing a ‘beep’ sound, and travel to their destination by LRT.
    2. Upon arrival of the destination, passengers can tap the LRT Card over the “Exit Gate Processor ”, and check the remaining value in the card on the screen before exiting the gate.
    3. Passengers can also check the remaining value in the LRT Card at Ticket Vending Machines, Add Value Machines or Customer Service Centres.
    4. When the remaining value in the LRT Card reaches zero or negative value, passengers can add value to the card at Add Value Machine in the paid area or Customer Service Centres.
    5. Passengers are advised to activate their LRT Card prior to the effective date.

    Ticket Purchase:

    LRT cards can be purchased at the Ticket Vending Machines or Customer Service Centres in LRT stations with the following payment methods:

      • Ticket Vending Machines
        MOP cash (All Macao banknotes and coins in circulation are acceptable except MOP 1,000 banknotes. Only coins will be given for change), LRT Card
      • Customer Service Centres
        MOP cash, LRT Card, credit card and electronic payment

    Ticket Usage:

    1. All passengers must enter the paid Area through the entry gate, complete their journey within 60 minutes, and leave the Paid Area through the exit gate.  They will be required to pay an extra fee equivalent to - the lowest Fare of an Adult Single Journey Ticket - every 30 minutes if they have stayed in the Paid Area for over 60 minutes, except in cases where there is just cause or authorization by the Corporation.
    2. If a passenger loses his/her ticket during the journey, he/she shall report the loss immediately to the Corporation’s staff and pay the amount equivalent to the maximum fare of Adult Single Journey Ticket, without prejudice to the provisions of the Law No. 18/2019 Light Rapid Transit System Law.
    3. All tickets are non-refundable. Nevertheless, refund or replacement of tickets shall be handled at the discretion of the LRT staff.
    4. Passengers shall not sell or resell, attempt to sell or resell, offer to sell or invite another person to buy the ticket.

  • *Each sea crossing section, which involves the section between Barra Station and Ocean Station, is considered as two stations when calculating the number of stations.

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