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Lost and Found

Should you lose anything when travelling on the LRT, please do not hesitate to travel to the Lost Property Office located at Jockey Club Station to inquire or retrieve the lost items.

Lost Property Office:

Service Hours:

8:00am - 8:00pm

Office Location:

Jockey Club Station Customer Service Centre


(853) 8506 0903 or (853) 8506 0000 extension 31403 (during LRT train service hours)

The items listed below are items which were found at LRT stations:

Item Number Item Found Date Item Description
OCE0299 15 September 2023 雨傘
PAK0322 15 September 2023 澳門通
OCE0298 15 September 2023 鬚刨
TFT0369 15 September 2023 水樽
LOC0143 12 September 2023 外套
JOC0329 12 September 2023 校服
OCE0297 11 September 2023 雨傘
OCE0296 11 September 2023 雨傘
LOC0142 11 September 2023 雨傘
STA0229 11 September 2023 搓手液
PAK0319 11 September 2023 帽子
TFT0368 11 September 2023 雨傘
TFT0367 11 September 2023 雨傘
EAG0100 11 September 2023 雨傘套
TFT0366 11 September 2023 雨傘
COW0105 10 September 2023 房卡
TFT0365 10 September 2023 耳機
MUS0195 09 September 2023 雨傘
PAK0318 09 September 2023 雨傘
MUS0194 09 September 2023 雨傘

Above items will be kept for 365 days, except food, perishables or any article not suitable for storage will be disposed of immediately or kept for 24 hours according to the condition.

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