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Staff Training

  • To ensure our staff have the knowledge and skills they need in order to perform at their job roles and facilitate business growth, MTR(Macau) has always been committed to develop and engage talent. With the extensive and rich railway experience and knowledge, MTR(Macau) offers a series of professional and work-related courses and training to help our staff to develop and progress along their career path.

    MTR (Macau) is also honoured to receive the “Excellence Award” and “Special Award: Excellence in Social Impact”  in the Hong Kong Management Association (“HKMA”) Award for Excellence in Training and Development 2021 to affirm the team's efforts in staff training and development that lays a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the railway system.

    Our training and courses include:

    Operations and Maintenance Training

    We are committed to provide comprehensive Operations and Maintenance training to ensure our staff acquire relevant work knowledge and skills prior to their duties, including:

    • Operating training for Operations Team
    • Maintenance training for Maintenance Team
    • Safety and Customer Service training

  • Contractor and Part-time Staff Training

    We collaborate with our contractors and provide appropriate Safety training for them to ensure they understand the relevant regulations and procedures of working in depots and other work premises. We also provide appropriate training for our part-time staff, such as Customer Service training.

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