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About Macao Light Rapid Transit (Macao LRT)

MTR Railway Operations (Macau) Company Limited (MTR (Macau)) is a 100% owned subsidiary of MTR Corporation. MTR (Macau) has been awarded an 80-month service contract for the operations and maintenance assistance services (O&M Contract) of the Macao Light Rapid Transit (Macao LRT) Taipa Line. The service scope includes testing and commissioning activities, operation of train services, maintenance of trains, signalling systems and infrastructure.

Macao LRT is the first rapid transit system in Macao, providing residents and visitors with convenient, reliable, environmentally-friendly, and comfortable public transportation services. The transit system will be fully automated using rubber tyre vehicles. Click here for more details of Macao LRT.

Taipa Line Route Map

Taipa Line Route Map (For illustration purpose only)

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